Android Market on Emulator

I am working on an application for Android which needs the Market and it’s kind of annoying to always use the real device here in front of me I was looking for a way to use the Market on the emulator. Officially that’s not supported and there is nothing line a .apk file for the Market application. After a little googling I found a straight forward solution:

What do you need?

Well, the basic SDK. 1.5, 1.6 or 1.1

And then, go to the HTC website where you can find the images/recovery images. Download the version (system image only) which you want to run.
(Download the System Image zip)

Extract the files of this zip. There’s a system.img file which you will need in the next steps.

Create an AVD (1.1, 1.5 or 1.6) depending on your requirements.

Copy this system.img file into the avd directory. For example, if you created an avd named “MyPhone”, go to .android/avd/MyPhone/ and paste this system.img file here.

As you can read in the comments, there are some issues with the network connection and things like that so if it doesn’t work for you, you should try the image Beanie uploaded here.

My way to finally get it to work:

  • Download the image provided by Beanie
  • Create a new 1.6 device in eclipse and give it the good system partition size (>78MB)
  • extract Beanies rar file and copy the system.img to
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    Ich bin unter die Android-Entwickler gegangen!
    Warum? Nun, zum einen habe ich einen neuen Nebenjob im Projekt procomo und zum anderen belege ich dieses Semester das Fach Ubiquitous Computing, das dann anschließend in den, mittlerweile 5 Fächer umfassenden, Kreis meiner Wahlfächer im Master zählt. Man muss zwar nur 3 haben, aber nunja, es gibt halt so vielen interessanten Kram den man dann noch irgendwie dazwischen einbauen möchte :)
    Es ist also gut möglich, dass ich mich in Zukunft hier auch mal nebenbei ein wenig über Android auslasse und vielleicht auch den ein oder anderen Tipp geben kann. Mal sehen was da so kommt :mrgreen:

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