About me

On this page, I’d like to give you a few facts about myself. This way you might get an idea about whose blog you’re reading and what I’m actually doing!

I post in english and german, depending on the topic and my current mood. So, if you don’t understand a post or page and you’d really like to, feel free to comment or send me an email ;)

About myself
Name: Moritz aka ’cart’
Birthday: 3.6.1982
Current Job:
Where: Munich
New York City (NY, USA), Münster, Stuttgart, Hamm, Huntingdon, PA (USA), Steinfurt (Google Earth Shot vom Haus)

Email: cart (at) kolix (dot) de (PGP key)
Social: Twitter, Facebook, Xing, LinkedIn
GitHub: moritzp
Jabber: moritzp82 (at) gmail (dot) com
Sport: Garmin Connect
Homepage: www.mopri.de
Skype: mopri82
IRC: #kolix / #technikforum / #jfo im Quakenet
ICQ: 606813157 / 106144623 (New #icq, 25.11.10)
AIM: moritzzz82

In first place there’s my family, especially my little daugther and wife and of course I also like to hang out and party with my friends ;)
Apart from that I enjoy doing all different kind of sports but I mainly focus on Triathlons, Marathons and beach volleyball. I also enjoy spending time on my computer, learning new stuff and listening to music.


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