2016 was a good (athletic) one :)

In January, I summed up 2015 a little and outlined some plans for the rest of the year. Now it is over and (athletic wise) it’s been an amazing one!

I had tons of fun practicing and met a lot of cool&nice people that I really enjoyed spending time/practicing with. You guys made me keep on going when my calfs hurt and gave me useful tips for my swimming technique (I’m still working on it! Promised!). Thanks for that and I hope we’ll be able to spend some more time together :)

A few athletic dates: Ironman 70.3 finish, personal best on half marathon distance and new personal bests at Tegernsee OD and Erlangen MD. Of course, this didn’t come out of nowhere. I’ve been trying to improve my race preparation as well as my training sessions in both: quantity and quality. I added some more alternative sessions and added a little strength workouts as well. Seems like it paid off :mrgreen:

Sport Activities* Distance* Time*
Combined 408 (271) 4.911,69km (4359,73km) 383:41:46h (291:56:54h)
Running 143 (105) 1.460,82km (1096,91km) 119:48:44h (97:10:03h)
Cycling 136 (99) 2.967,20mk (2933,78km) 116:50:19h (122:57:57h)
Swimming 51 (42) 79,31km (64,29km) 32:30:42h (26:51:14h)
Multi-Sport 15 (5) 718,34km (325,32km) 38:55:47h (15:53:50h)
Other 56 (20) (*) 106:19:18h (*)

*2015 numbers are shown in brackets.

Compared to the time and distance some others spend, ~1h day on 1,1 workouts is still not a lot. So I assume there’s some potential left if I keep going this direction! Let’s see what 2017 brings ;)

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