2015 summed up

Using a workout tracker like Garmin’s Connect offers a lot of useful information and helps you check your progress. BUT it also gives you the ability to check on useless statistics :mrgreen:

Sport Activities Distance Time
Combined 271 4359,73km 291:56:54h
Running 105 1096,91km 97:10:03h
Cycling 99 2933,78km 122:57:57h
Swimming 42 64,29km 26:51:14h
Triathlon 5 325,32km 15:53:50h
Other 20 * *

This includes some new personal bests on several distances in Triathlons as well as Running competitions. Also I did my first mid distance triathlon in Erlangen, which was an amazing race!

Overall it’s actually not that much and I was pretty surprised when checking it out. Let’s see how 2016 goes! There already are some plans… :P

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