The 7±2 reasons why gibbon’s five failed

Yes, gibbon’s five failed. Even though I am still convinced that our vision of providing very specific, high-value recommendations for users of what to do in their spare time was a great one, we did a lot of things wrong and did not manage to create enough growth and traction.

We’ve been working on our first product for quite some time and always got great feedback from the existing users. The servers ran fine and we made a lot of connections with local businesses in Munich. Nevertheless, we took our first product offline some weeks ago. It was a really tough step for us and even though we never really talked about it, I know it was pretty emotional for everyone of us. Now, some time later, one of the co-founders published an article about it on his blog. Of course he doubled checked with us ;)

Last but not least. Like almost all startups, we barely ever had technical problems in our way and tech was definitely not part of the problem.

On top I’d like to mention that I learned a lot of things you won’t find in books. You have to experience it yourself. And yes, I am willing to do it again and so are the others. Probably without doing the same mistakes again, but there will be mistakes and we know about that. But we improved our way of dealing with it ;)

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