Great idea: goes to Zlatan Ibrahimovic in case…

… he accepts one of the following challenges :)

– offer me a dedicated PSG jersey, with my name on it and the following quote : ”After Zlatan, you really are the best !”

– stay at my place for a month. This way, all my life, I could say :”Ibra ? Sure, he used to sleep on my couch for a while.”

– offer me 3 lifetime season tickets, for two of my friends and I. Obviously, I”™m talking about Official tribune tickets”¦ don”™t try to fool me with your crappy H Blue tribune tickets”¦

– win penalty kicks against me, at the Parc des Princes of course, so that you”™re at home and have no excuse in case I win.

– beat me at Taekwondo. I”™ve heard you”™re not too bad at it. As I”™ve never practiced that sport myself, I recommend you to choose this challenge.

– give me one of your hair lock as a gift. Samson”™s strength came from his long hair. I think it works the same way with you. Then, I can make a key ring with it, which will bring me power for the rest of my life.

– beat me at FIFA13. You can choose the teams but, anyway trust me, there is no way you can make it.

– score a more-than-30-meter-backflip-goal in an official game. Just kidding”¦ this is not realistic.

– let me slap you in the face, without saying a word”¦ and in public obviously.

– offer a bare-chested dedicated photo of you to my girlfriend. Frankly, among all of those challenges, I have to confess it”™s not my favorite. I”™m getting fed up to see twinkles in her eyes when you take off your jersey at the end of a game.

– manage to have Neymar sign at PSG during the 2013 summer mercato.

– simply ask me to let you have this domain name for free”¦ but face to face and – as a tribute to Guillaume – in French obviously.

Here’s the full letter to Zlatan.

I think it’s a great idea :mrgreen:

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