Mac OS 10.8.4 & Vodafone Mobile Broadband Software

After the release the newest Mac OS update on Wednesday morning I wanted to install it quickly before going to work. That didn’t work out as expected… After the update was installed the reboot failed with a nice message like “An error occurred while installing the update…”. Clicking on “OK” to reboot and everything was fucked up as expected. The system didn’t boot up properly anymore and even in the verbose mode it didn’t give any usable clue about what happened. Luckily it still booted into the SafeMode. I tried a bunch of things but nothing, not even reinstalling the update manually (download on helped. As my last backup was a few days earlier I was close to reinstall the whole system but had to do something else before. After getting back to the Mac, it came to my mind that I have had problems with the kernel extension installed by Vodafone’s amazing “Mobile Broadband” software before – the software is needed for the Mobile Stick. Because of that I knew how to get rid of the whole stuff and after the following steps, the update was installed correctly and the system was running again:

  • Plug the stick to access the Uninstaller and uninstall the software completely.
  • Download the update and install it manually again.
  • Reboot the system.
  • Be happy :)

As I need the Vodafone software, I had no choice but to reinstall it as well, but from now on, I’ll uninstall it before applying any Mac OS updates… If someone knows an easier way, please let me know!