Upgrade to Mountain Lion

Mountain LionA few weeks after Mountain Lion was officially released I finally upgraded yesterday. We wanted to wait for the first update to avoid all the annoying little problems that usually come up. For now mostly everything looks alright, just a few little issues came up so far. I’ll try to keep this post up to date with the things I stumble upon and the solutions that’ll hopefully come up from somewhere ;)

Stuff you got to massage a little:

  • git/svn: Locally I using git and if the repository of the project is subversion, I usually simply use git-svn. After installing Mountain Lion I realized that svn was missing, which is kind of annoying. Why would it deinstall svn? Anyway, the solution I found is to either reinstall it using homebrew or install the latest Command Line Tools (needs an Apple-Developers-Account).

Things not working:

  • GPGTools: As always, the extension for Mail does not work anymore, therefore emails can not be signed nor encrypted.

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