Grails 2.0 & Jenkins

A while ago, I started using Jenkins with a Grails project. Now, we switched over to Grails 2.0 and I had to reconfigure some of the jobs to make them work again as the commands changed a little. For those who don’t feel like searching their way through all that mess, here’s a little how to ;)

After installing Grails 2.0 (and Groovy 1.8 shipped with it) on the server, you have to let Jenkins know about the new Grails version. Therefore you go to the Manage Jenkins menu, open the Configure Jenkins page and add the it to the Grails installations.
Grails installations

Then you have to adapt your jobs to the new command line, means, editing the “Targets” in the job configuration.


Also, don’t forget about the new way of testing in Grails 2.0. For us it still means a lot of work to switch over!

Enjoy :mrgreen:


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