“On Working Remotely”

I just came across this article and think it’s a really good one so I thought about sharing it with you guys :)

When I first chose my own adventure, I didn’t know what working remotely from home was going to be like. I had never done it before. As programmers go, I’m fairly social. Which still means I’m a borderline sociopath by normal standards. All the same, I was worried that I’d go stir-crazy with no division between my work life and my home life.

Well, I haven’t gone stir-crazy yet. I think. But in building Stack Overflow, I have learned a few things about what it means to work remotely — at least when it comes to programming. Our current team encompasses 5 people, distributed all over the USA, along with the team in NYC.[..]

Article on CodingHorror.com

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