appazaar comes with a new version

After a few months of work on both, the front and backend we’re proud to present the new version of appazaar :)

Android needs a genius?! Here comes appazaar

The Android Platform is growing fast. Not only more and more devices are equipped with the most innovative operating system, also the number of applications available in the Android market is rapidly increasing. Thus, it becomes a problem for users to keep track with the huge amount of apps and to find cool new and useful apps on the market. Apple has build its great recommender system Genius into the App Store to solve this issue and support the users. However, such a feature is currently missing for the Android platform. This is where appazaar kicks in! (read more)

We also have serveral reviews on different techsites and blogs which is really nice! Right now we’re working on getting the server faster and more stable. We didn’t expect the huge amount of new users that just installed the app and neither did our server. Also we’re planning the next release with a lot of improvements, based on all the feedback and ideas we got during the last days :)

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